Contest Overview

Contest is made up of four main parts:

  • Contestant Machine
  • Problem Submission Server (PC^2)
  • Local Documentation (localdoc)
  • Hosting Site

Contestant Machine

The contest image runs on the local site desktops and is the operating system that the teams log into for the competition. It is specifically configured to have the right compilers and tools for solving the contest problems.

The contest image is booted and running on the team’s computer during the competition.

See Contest Image for more information on the contest image

Problem Submission Server

The problem submission server is used for the teams to submit their solutions to the problems during the competition. Since the teams gain points for being the first-to- solve the submission server is running from the start of the contest up to the end.

The server software is PC^2 (PC squared) which stands for Programming Contest Control and is run centrally from the SCUSA servers located at LSU.

See PC^2 for more information on PC^2

Local Documentation

The Local documentation (called localdoc) is also hosted at the central SCUSA servers and has:

  • HTML Documentation for all solution languages
  • Any errata or updates about the problemset made during the competition
  • Contest scoreboard

Hosting Site

You! All of the sites that host the SCUSA competition are invaluable to the success of contest! We work hard to make sure you don’t have to.